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Over 30 years of gardening & horticulture experience in the UK and overseas. Currently working in Devon and the south-west helping people get the best from their plants & gardens.  Specialising in tree & shrub pruning and garden development.

About Rupert Bannister

I have trained & worked with some of the leading gardening and horticulture institutions in the UK and overseas. Combining passions of plants, gardens and people I currently work as a freelance horticulturalist and horticultural educator based in East Devon where I live with my wife and eleven year old son. Time spent working and travelling in Japan inspired a passion for specialist and creative pruning of trees and shrubs which I now offer as a service in the south-west of England.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any horticultural, gardening or education subjects. I look forward to hearing from you,

Rupert Bannister

  • RHS tutor & assessor

  • 30 years of horticulture

  • Work in UK and overseas

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Seaside garden

| Environment, Plants & Gardens, Projects | No Comments
I love working in this seaside garden in east Devon. Being only two hundred metres from the sea it is important to select and manage plants correctly. Most plants are…
Euonymus alatus autumn colour

Autumn colour

| Culture & tradition, Environment, Plants & Gardens, Uncategorized | No Comments
The stunning array of autumn colours of Euonymus alatus transforms this otherwise insignificant shrub into a showy impact plant for a few weeks of the year in the autumn. When…
teasel seed heads

Teasel seed heads

| Environment, Plants & Gardens | No Comments
The wonders of teasel It is difficult to beat the teasel (Dipsacus fullonum) for the majesty, mystery and architecture that its seed heads bring to the garden. Autumn has to…

Taking shape

| Environment, Plants & Gardens, Projects, Specialist pruning | No Comments
Overseeing a garden taking shape and evolving is a rewarding process. Managing plants and gardens is a process involving understanding of plant growth, environmental conditions and human requirements. From initial…

Crown lifting

| Environment, Plants & Gardens, Specialist pruning, Uncategorized | No Comments
Crown lifting opens up trees and shrubs to reveal inner features and character of the individual specimen. This weeping Birch was pruned by thinning the overgrown crown and taking back…

A welcome invader!

| Culture & tradition, Plants & Gardens | No Comments
This bamboo found it's way into our garden by tunnelling under the fence. Lines of the upright growing habit and the stunning yellow colour bring interest and impact. Making it…

Ferns light up a shady corner

| Uncategorized | No Comments
Ferns or other 'foliage' plants can be used to light up a shady corner of the corner. Thinking of different foliages and textures that ferns naturally present enables their qualities…

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