With a passion for managing plants and plant collections to promote and show off their true character, I aim to enhance and develop any garden situation.

Following several years of working in practical horticulture constructing and maintaining gardens in the north-west of England further studies and travel highlighted the connection between plants, people & environment. With qualifications in Plantsmanship and Botany I have a thorough understanding of the science behind plant growth requirements. This understanding enables me to manage these requirements to best suit the growing environment in relation to initial selection, design and long-term management.

Rupert’s professional approach and understanding of the requirements of our coastal garden has really seen our garden come to life. We would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Buddleigh Salterton, Devon

Specialising in:

Design & consultancy: Layout and planning of garden and landscape projects large & small to get the best outcome for plants, garden and people.

Renovation & restoration: Pruning and clearance to revitalise and refresh neglected or tired areas in the garden.

Maintenance & development: Keep the garden looking its best and develop areas to bring new and ongoing interest.

Countries such as New Zealand and Japan enjoy stunning scenery and unique natural vegetations and have influenced plants people and collectors for centuries. These countries have strong historical connections between people, plants and the wider environment through the Maori in New Zealand and the traditional gardens and plant use in Japan. The connection between people and plants is one that I believe we under-value and do not appreciate. Perhaps this is because we do not understand the value that plants play in out lives on a daily basis.

Having travelled and worked in both New Zealand and Japan I have first hand experience of this connection and respective value. Bringing out the natural character of plants to complement and enhance the garden environment is a specialist and core element of my work and is one that i Believe helps bring plants, gardens and people together.