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Over 30 years of gardening & horticulture experience in the UK and overseas. Currently working in Devon and the south-west helping people get the best from their plants & gardens.

Fully qualified | RHS tutor & assessor | Experience in the UK and overseas

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I am an education and horticultural expert specialising in formative and creative tree and shrub pruning, garden renovation & restoration, and horticultural consultancy. Based in East Devon – where I live with my wife and twelve year old son – I combine my passion of plants, gardens and people with specialist gardening services across the South West; which includes seasonal pruning, feeding and composting and the construction of specialist raised beds. Please feel free to make contact regarding your horticultural and gardening projects.

Rupert Bannister

Specialist gardening services

Creating, managing and maintaining the balance between natural and created elements is at the heart of my gardening work considering materials, composition and location of features within the landscape. My work brings together over thirty years in public and private gardens, study and travel. Observations and experience working in natural and man-made landscapes come together to create and manage horticulture and garden projects.

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Garden designPlanting designPlants & Gardens
July 13, 2020

Tropical planting

Adding some tropical planting to the garden can bring it to life. Using large leaves of foliage plants like Hosta, Canna, Innula and larger grasses and bamboo bring a tropical…
Garden designPlanting designPlants & GardensProjectsSpecialist pruningUncategorized
May 7, 2020

Planting design

Planting design should complement existing site features and character of a garden. Planting must also work well with any new materials. This latest planting design project near Sidmouth in East…
contemporary plantingPlants & GardensProjectsstructure planting
April 2, 2020

Contemporary planting

Ongoing work with this contemporary planting project focuses on matching new with existing lines, shapes and forms for the plants involved. Matching plants and containers with both colour and proportion…
structure planting
January 14, 2020

Architectural plants.

Some plants just exude character and deserve the title of architectural plants. This variegated Euphorbia most definitely qualifies for this title. The bold densely packed foliage arch alternately off the…

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