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Simple landscaping projects can perform a range of functions within the garden. They can simply create an atmosphere to enhance the immediate surroundings or be more functional by matching materials and plants to suit existing conditions and features.

When considering landscaping projects matching plants to environmental conditions and sourcing materials from local suppliers is important. This is also part of a sustainable approach to horticulture that is at the core of my work. This approach means plants need less input for nutrition, water or protection from the elements and materials have less ‘travel miles’. However themed plantings don’t always relate to places, they may be as simple as a themed colour or foliage texture. The key factor is an understanding of characteristics to ensure the best results with minimal impact.

Right plant right place

How I can help you

The first step when looking at a new planting or landscape project is to establish exactly what it is that you want. I can help with the following questions and guide you through the process from start to finish.

  • How will you use the space?
  • Do you have time to maintain a complex scheme?
  • Which parts of the house/garden will you see the new project from?
  • What is your budget for installing and maintaining the finished project?

Rupert’s pruning  and planting work has opened up the area around our pond to give a new lease of life and create a new focal point from the house. This has inspired us to create a new seating area to further enjoy this new feature.

Goodson, Sidmouth

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