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Seasonal pruning can improve the overall shape of plants, encourage flowering and fruit production and also generate more growth for plants grown for winter stem colour e.g. Cornus, Salix and Rubus.

Seasonal pruning requires an understanding of the plant lifecycle. Do the plants flower and fruit on the current or previous seasons branches, are the plants grown for winter stem colour etc? Understanding these elements will enable correct pruning at the right time of year. An important element of seasonal pruning work is to understand timing of nesting birds, working with nature should be an important part of any garden work. It is also important to use the correct tools that are sharp and well maintained ensuring clean cuts and no cross contamination between plants. All of my tools are well maintained with most hand tools coming from Japan made from high grade steel to ensure high quality sharp cutting edges.

Rights cuts in the right places at the right time.

How i can help you

  • Identify trees and shrubs in your garden
  • Select those plants that would benefit from seasonal pruning
  • Propose a plan to carry out works on selected plants.
  • Undertake seasonal pruning work to agreed budgets

Rupert really is the man you want to provide a great solution when it comes to landscaping your garden. His expertise and insight helped us to plan a new raised bed that has become a key feature in our garden. All installed on time and within budget with Rupert going the extra mile to help with sourcing and planting the plants! I thoroughly recommend Rupert for such jobs.

H Sanford, Talaton

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