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Themed planting can trigger emotions and bring back memories from travels, holidays or previous places you have lived.

They can also be connected to specific environments for example coastal, mountain or meadow. Using specific groups of plants from different regions of the world it is possible to create themed planting schemes to mimic landscapes from around the world. From simple green clipped foliage plants of Japan to drought tolerant plants of the Mediterranean, or coastal plants, by combining different plants together it is possible to trigger a range of emotional responses.

Other themes may include specific soil or environmental conditions e.g. ericaceous (acid loving) plants. We can also create plantings that appeal to different senses for those with possible sensory imparements.

Selecting an appropriate planting theme

How I can help you

  • Identify the appropriate planting theme for your garden.
  • Create an appropriate design and layout for the planting.
  • Help select and source plants to be used (a range of options and samples can be supplied).
  • Provide a no obligation quote with time frames for the work (including infill topsoil if required).
  • Undertake work to fit in with customer requirements.
  • Provide and install additional support if required.

Rupert really is the man you want to provide a great solution when it comes to landscaping your garden. His expertise and insight helped us to plan a new raised bed that has become a key feature in our garden. All installed on time and within budget with Rupert going the extra mile to help with sourcing and planting the plants! I thoroughly recommend Rupert for such jobs.

H Sanford, Talaton

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