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Pruning can be both functional and aesthetic. It can improve the health of the plant and encourage vigour with increased flowering and fruit yield.

Specialist pruning of trees and shrubs can add interest and value to the garden. Pruning for visual impact, creating architectural features, maintaining clean lines, opening up dense foliage to create vistas and views can bring a different dimension to the garden. My work is inspired by the work of specialist pruning experts like Jake Hobson and James Todman combined with time spent in France and Japan.

Specialist pruning to reveal the true character of plants

How i can help you

  • Identify the trees or shrubs that can be pruned to liven up your  garden or bring a little more interest.
  • Discuss design requirements assessing whether your garden is formal or informal, rural or urban and other considerations.
  • The plant may be shaped to make a focal point within the garden or as part of a planting scheme in the garden.
  • Provide short and long term plans to carry out the work and maintain the chosen form and style.
  • Undertake the work to shape the plant making a focal point within the garden or as part of a planting scheme in the garden.

We really did not know what to do with our low growing Japanese Maple. Rupert suggested opening it up and crown lifting it to make a winter feature of the beautiful twisting branch structure. It looks fantastic and has transformed this small patch of the garden enabling us to plant more bulbs and other smaller perennials.

Venn Ottery

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