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Selecting the right plants not only looks right but can also benefit the environment and require less long-term management.

Planting design and planting designers come in many different forms and styles according to their individual influences. Garden and planting designers including Piet Oudolf, Noel Kingsbury and Nigel Dunnett specialise in the use of naturalistic plantings. Their designs highlight ecological relationships between the individual plants and between plants and the environment. My work combines ecological plantings and principles with sculptured and clipped plant specimens adding structure and architecture to a scheme.

Planting design for people and the environment

How i can help you

  • Discuss design requirements assessing whether your garden is formal or informal, rural or urban and other considerations for new planting design projects.
  • Provide full advice and support including individual specimen plantings to full scheme proposals.
  • Schemes for tree and shrub plantings, herbaceous borders, mixed plantings as well as ecological plantings.
  • Provision of short and long term plans to carry out the work and maintain the chosen form and style.
  • Undertake the work to further develop the scheme within the garden or wider landscape context.
  • Full design, costings and implementation service available.

We have a very tricky site that we recently had landscaped with three terraces requiring planting. The garden is high above the Devon coast and also has deer and rabbits. The planting design that Rupert proposed and planted has gone above all our expectations, we are very happy! The movement of the grasses and the colour combinations throughout the season have been wonderful.


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