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Bespoke planting using specimen plants can add a sense of drama to a garden or landscape. These do not have to be large specimens but usually have specific features of foliage, flowers or a tightly clipped architectural form

Plants can literally bring a garden to life. However the planting needs to match the situation in scale, form, seasonality and overall appearance. Choosing a specimen for bespoke planting needs to be done with the bigger picture in mind. With access to a range of specialist nurseries we can provide this service and help bring that special feature to your garden.

The ultimate recycling

How I can help you.

I can help you to:

  • Discuss whether or not you would benefit from single or multiple specimens.
  • Find a suitable plants at appropriate price for your garden and budget
  • Source, plant and establish the plants for you.
  • Help you through the initial establishment phase with regular visits..
Rupert’s selection of the Japanese pruned pines and myrtles for our planting scheme was spot on. Especially the idea of planting the cloud pruned myrtles as specimens in the patio adds a real feature and finishes our landscaping project.

Townsend, Sidmouth

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