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Specialist pruning

Getting the best from your plants

All plants have their special characters, these can be best displayed and emphasised by careful management and specialist pruning. These plants can be free standing trees and shrubs or those that prefer the support of a structure or other plant. As a gardener having a good understanding of plants features, characteristics and growth habits is extremely important. This understanding ensures the best possible outcome and performance of the individual plants and the wider landscape to which they belong. Through the application of specialist pruning techniques plants can be managed to create some amazing high impact features in the garden or landscape.

Specialist pruning

Using specialist pruning techniques plant growth habits can be manipulated to achieve different outcomes in relation to the plants own features and those of the surrounding landscape. One of these specialist pruning techniques is Niwaki, the traditional art of tree and shrub pruning from Japan. The image is of a cloud pruned Euonymus fortunei “Emerald n Gold”. Such techniques can be applied to most trees and shrubs. Follow this blog for more on this subject in the coming months.


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