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Gardens & mental health

By September 7, 2022Uncategorized

The subject of gardens & mental health could not be more applicable at this time of change and uncertainty. Having access to a garden of area of outdoor space was highlighted through the recent pandemic. The potential for gardens to positively influence our mental health is the subject of Sue Stuart-Smiths recent book The well gardened Mind. The book looks at our relationship with the natural environment and how modern lifestyles can benefit from the restorative power of nature. I have seen through my gardening work how these factors can influence each other. I have also seen client interaction with both myself and the garden, through aspects including planting design, has influenced mental health in a positive way.

Rewilding the Mind, was the subject of a recent symposium run by Beth Chatto Gardens. The symposium looked at how we need to change our relationship with nature through our work as gardeners and designers.

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